Short Stories

– B –

‘Bout as Sick as They Come

 – C –

Can I Buy You a Sweater?

Checking Out at Whole Foods

Conversation Between a Tape Cassette and a Vinyl Record

– D –

Deserting Dessert

Deserting Dessert (Narrated)

Discount Advice on Dating

– F –

Facebook “Likes” Define Our Self-worth

The Friend Who Never Chips In

– G –

Got Milk? We Actually Don’t Right Now.

– H –

Halloween Bounty

The Hipster 10

– L –

Leave the Premises Now!

The Love Triangle

– M –

My Pleasure: A Conversation at Chic-Fil-A

– N –

A New Haircut Day Scenario

– O –

The Origins of Social Media

– P –

Preparing for a Fire Fight

– R –

Relationship Status Check

The Romantic Movie Airport Chase Scene

– S –

Santa Gets All the Credit

A Scientist’s Revenge

Secret Ingredients

So You Really Do Incubate the Egg?

– T –

There’s a Bee in the Honey

– W –

Wall Street Orientation

Where Exactly Did You Get Hurt?

We Are Here for Your Starbucks

The Worst Way to Die: Action Movie Head Twist from Behind

– Y –

The Yellow Line

– # –

1 or 2?




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