Top 11 Reasons People Love “List Posts”

1. Because people love knowing exactly how many sentences they have to read, and eleven sentences really isn’t that many sentences when you think about it.

2. If it’s a top eleven list that must mean the author did a lot of research into the topic and didn’t just write things to try to get a lot a page views.

3. You clicked to read the post because “You wouldn’t believe what happens next” on the list!

4. Lists are normally accompanied by GIFs, and watching GIFs is easier than reading.

5. We love reading about stuff that we already know about so we can say, “Oh, that’s so true” because learning nothing new is fun.

6. Did I mention how awesome GIFs are?

7. We need lists so that we have something to post on Facebook.

8. This list post could really use some GIFs, just saying, if you want anyone else to read it.

9. We also need lists so we have something to post on Twitter.

10. Because Buzzfeed said we have to post their lists on Facebook and Twitter.

11. Buzzfeed.


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