The High School Musical Choreography Scene

High school students are seated at their respective lunch tables by social clique.  All of a sudden, the basketball superstar point guard Jason stands in the center of the cafeteria and starts spinning a basketball on his right index finger.  The cafeteria goes silent and all eyes are on him.  He then pops the basketball off his finger and punts it with his right foot across the cafeteria.  He starts doing the moonwalk toward the cheerleader table.  Everyone in the cafeteria stands up and breaks into synchronized choreography.  Well everyone except one student named Dan at a table in the back left corner of the cafeteria.  Jason spots Dan sitting at his table and then runs over to his backpack and takes a megaphone out.

– Hey, everyone let’s take 5.

All students stop dancing and re-take their seats at their respective clique tables.  Jason walks over to Dan.

– Hey Dan, what are you doing?

– Just eating my lunch Jason.

– You’re supposed to be dancing Dan.  Did you not get the choreo video last week to practice at home?

– I mean I did but…

– But, but, everyone is supposed to dance in sync at lunch.

– Can I please be left alone and eat my lunch Jason?

– Well can you go eat your lunch somewhere else?  It’ll be weird for all of us to be dancing, and you’re the only one eating.

– No, what will be weird is that everyone is dancing in unison on the cafeteria tables on a Thursday instead of eating lunch.

– It’s not weird.

– Yes it is.  We’ve been doing this every day since kindergarten and there’s no time to actually learn anything.

– You’re exaggerating.

– I’m in the 9th grade, and I don’t even know how to read.  Some of these kids don’t even know how to count to 10 yet.

– But they all know how to moon walk though.

Jason puts up his right fist for a pound.  Dan leaves Jason hanging sufficiently long enough in silence so that Jason retracts his fist and returns it to his side.

– The moon walk is not going to get us into college Jason.

– Are you always this stressed?

– No, but I am feeling more and more stressed recently.

– You know what’s good for stress?

– What?

– Dancing.

– Seriously?

– Come on just do the “Let’s Beat Our Rivals at Homecoming” dance.  If you don’t feel any better then go try to learn to read or whatever you do now.

– Alright, I’ll dance, but you have to answer one question.  What does 4 plus 2 equal?

– Easy. 42.  Now let’s dance!

Jason turns and starts running towards the center of the cafeteria with the megaphone held high above his head.

– I have to get out of this school district.


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