Conversation Between a Tape Cassette and a Vinyl Record

– What is so great about being a vinyl record that makes people want to listen to you still?”

– I guess it’s because I’m vintage.

– Vintage?

– Yeah, it’s like an old thing that is appreciated for its quality and character.

– That describes the tape cassette!  I’m vintage!

– No, you’re not.

– What am I then?

– You’re obsolete.

–  I’m obsolete?

– Hey, hey, hey, there, there.  You know I was once obsolete?

– You were?

– I was.

– Well how did you become vintage?

– Hipsters.

– Hipsters?

– They’re people who think old stuff is cool and fashionable.

– What do they think about new stuff?

– They think it’s too mainstream.

– What about vinyl records do hipsters like?

– The vinyl.  The record player.  The needle drop.  The spinning.  The album covers.  The…

– Alright, I get it.  Be honest, is there a chance hipsters might like me?

– Completely honest?

– Yeah.

– You’re like lead paint, man.  Or asbestos.  Like if they find it, they have to get rid of it.

– That all?

– You don’t look cool.  You’re plastic.  You take forever to rewind. You…

– Can stop now.

– Sometimes you just get on a roll and…

– I get it.  This is all the compact disc’s fault.

– If it makes you feel any better, I’m pretty sure the compact disc is never going to be vintage either.

– That’s comforting at least.


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