The Romantic Movie Airport Chase Scene

Gate C36

A car frantically pulls up to the curb at an airport.  A man emerges from the driver side door carrying flowers.  He slides over the hood to make his way into the terminal.  A security guard approaches the unattended vehicle.

“Sir, you can’t park here!”

“So tow it!”

The man rushes up to an airline ticket counter.

“I need a ticket.”

“Where to?”


“I see sir.”

“Well maybe the cheapest one preferably because I’m not really planning on getting on the flight anyways.”

“Of course.”  The concierge types furiously.

“Here’s a ticket to Nashville.  Good luck sir.”

The man dashes to the security line.  He makes it to the back of the line and taps the woman in front of him on the shoulder.

“Is there any way I might be able to skip you?  I’m in a bit of a rush.”

“You’ll just have to wait– are those flowers?”



The woman stands on her tip toes and cups her hands around her mouth.

“Everyone he’s got flowers.”

Everyone in the security line collectively “Awws” then forms a tunnel for the man to run through to the front of the line.

At the front, he puts the flowers on the scanner and is motioned to walk through the metal detector by the security guard.  The alarm goes off.

“Sir your belt.”  The man puts his belt on the scanner.  He walks through the metal detector.  No beep this time.  He grabs the flowers and runs.

“Sir your belt!”

The man runs while holding up his jeans at the waistband with his left hand.  After 7 strides, he loses his grip for a moment and trips on the cuffs of his pants, sending him to the ground right in front of a transport golf cart.

The golf cart abruptly halts.

The driver steps off the cart.  “Sir are you okay?”

“Yeah I’m fine.”

An elderly lady on the back of the transport gets the attention of the man.

“Where are you running to like a mad man?”

“Gate C36.”

“Well, you’re going the wrong way.  That gate is on the other side of the airport.”

“I’ll never make it in time then.”

“Are those flowers?”

“Aww.  I see now.  Please, take my seat on the transport.”

The man stands up, pulls up his pants, and gets on the transport.

The driver turns on a siren and drives towards Gate C36.

The golf cart arrives at Gate C36.

An attendant at the counter for Gate C36 is on the intercom.  “Last call for flight 8456 departing for Guatemala.”

A girl is having her ticket scanned at the counter.

The man hops off the golf cart.  “Sally!”

The girl turns.


The driver motions to Tom.  “Go to her.”

Tom runs over to Sally.

A huge crowd of people surrounds them.

“I have something I wanted to tell you in person.  Plus, I didn’t know what your cell phone or internet setup would be like in Guatemala.  No offense to Guatemala.  And I didn’t want to wait all the time for snail mail reach you.”

There is cheering and applause from the crowd.

“What is it Tom?”

“I think we should break up.”

The crowd boos Tom.

Tom hands the flowers to Sally.

“I know you just gave these flowers to me so I wanted to see if you wanted them back.”

A person from the crowd steps forward.  “How could you Tom?!”

Sally brings the flowers close to her chest.  “Are you serious?”


Sally starts to laugh a little.

“Did you not get my text from earlier?”

“No, I haven’t really been checking my phone much today.”

Tom unlocks his phone and then reads a text aloud.

“‘Hey Tom, I think we should breakup. K thx byeeee.'”

“So we’re good then Tom?”

“I guess.”

“But technically I broke up with you. So, yeah.”

Everyone in the crowd collectively shrugs their shoulders and walks away.



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