So You Really Do Incubate the Egg?

Some species of birds have either the male or female incubate their eggs.  The following is a conversation between two males from different species: robins, where the male doesn’t do any incubation, and Emperor Penguins, where the male does all of the incubation.

So You Really Do Incubate the Egg?

“Wait, wait, wait.”

The Robin laughs.

“Are you going to stop laughing?”

The Robin quiets down.


There is silence.


The Robin busts out laughing again.


“Last time. I promise. So you really do incubate the egg?”

The Robin almost explodes from laughter.

“Dude, come on.”

“I’m sorry.  It’s just you’re an Emperor Penguin.  Incubating an egg isn’t very emperor-y.”

“All of the guys do it.”

“Why do you?”

“I don’t know.  Instinct?”

“Your girl has you thinking that.”

“No, like I have a primal urge to incubate.”

“How long do you have to incubate?”

“Around 60 days.”

The Robin laughs and would cry from laughing if birds had tear ducts.

The Robin composes himself.

“That’s a long time, especially, when birds live two years.”

“You only live two years?”

“Yeah.  That’s normal for birds right?”

“Emperor Penguins like me live around 20 years.”

There is silence.

“A little incubation isn’t so bad then is it?”


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