Can I Buy You a Sweater?

It is socially acceptable to offer to buy a woman that you do not know a drink at a bar.  But what about buying something of equal value for this same woman elsewhere?  Say you could be in line at a Redbox rental kiosk and decide to approach this woman and say, “Excuse me, but could I buy you a Redbox rental?  I’ll even splurge and get you that Blu-ray.  Just promise to return it within a day please.”  That’s weird right?  Here’s another weird scenario.

Can I Buy You a Sweater?

A young woman is looking at the accessories section in J. Crew.  A young man catches eye of her and walks over toward the accessories section.

“You look cold.”

“Excuse me?”

“I said you look cold.”

The man winks his right eye.


“Can I buy you a sweater?”

“I don’t know.”

“Come on.  What’s your favorite color?”


“I think I saw a nice one over on the clearance rack.”

The woman walks away immediately.


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