Checking Out at Whole Foods

A cashier scans the last few items of a woman’s groceries at a Whole Foods.  All of the food items have piled up at the end of the register and have yet to be bagged.

–So let’s get this all packed up.  If you give you me your reusable bags, we can get started.

–Oops.  I forgot to bring them today.

–You forgot your reusable bags?

–I did.  You have paper bags right?

–We do.


–But we just don’t give them out like that.

–I’m not following.

–Trying to save the Earth.  No big deal.  You think you could carry everything by hand?

–I don’t think so.

–If you took multiple trips?

–I’d rather not.

–Another option is that you can make a nice reusable bag out of your button down shirt.

–My shirt?

–Yep, you may have seen it on the Whole Foods Pinterest.

–Then I wouldn’t have a shirt anymore.

–Do you have an undershirt on?

–No.  How about I just buy a couple of these reusable bags you have for sale at the register?

–Great!  I knew you would finally get to that idea.


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