We Are Here for Your Starbucks

–Please don’t hurt me!  I’m just a barista!

–Human, we have no plans to hurt you as long as you give us all of your Starbucks.

–All of our Starbucks?

–Affirmative human.  We are here on a mission from the planet Odanesotron to procure all of your intergalactic currency.

–You think “Starbucks” are money?

–Yes, according to our understanding of the English language, “bucks” mean money.


–Do not delay any longer human.  We direly need to pay our debts to the Cerulonens, or our planet will be destroyed.

–We only have coffee here.

The Odanesotronian loses his patience and evaporates the barista with a handheld laser cannon.

–I will have to find another Starbucks…looks like there is one right across the street.


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