Deserting Dessert

I have not ordered dessert once at a restaurant.  I feel that my social standing growing up and currently have not allowed for me to be a “dessert person.”  I suppose it is the combination of fullness from the meal and emptiness of the wallet that make it this way.  However, at the end of every meal, the waiter asks, “Did you save room for dessert?”  Then I have to respond, “Sorry, we are so full already.”  I laugh almost every time saying this because it makes it sound like I was irresponsible for not saving room for dessert.  It is as if I had made a promise to the waiter and now am flaking.

Deserting Dessert

The waiter stops at the table.  The couple has just finished their meal.

Waiter: How was your meal?

Man: Delicious.

Woman: I loved the scallops.

Waiter: Fantastic!  Now, did you two save room for dessert?

Man: Sorry, no we are so full already.

Waiter: But…I don’t understand…

Woman: Understand what?

Waiter: How you could be so reckless!

Man: Reckless?

Waiter: You knew you were supposed to save room for dessert.

Woman: We did?

Waiter: Really?  You’re going to play that card?  Grow up.

Man: I already said we were sorry.

The waiter picks up the finished plates off the table.

Waiter: Yeah, yeah, yeah it’s okay.  Whatever.  I knew I shouldn’t have trusted you.  You didn’t even order appetizers.  Huge red flag.


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