The Love Triangle

People think it is a novelty. That it is not used for anything other than “supper is ready.” But a triangle can add a sound that stands out. You never hear the triangle and aren’t sure that it is a triangle that you’re hearing. Wood winds, strings, and brass can blend with one another, but a triangle comes through undoubtedly as the triangle.

Therefore, I like to think of love as an orchestra, as a symphony of instruments that rests before the seats.  You are an instrument that lies there. You have polished yourself. You have tuned yourself to the best of your ability. You have stored yourself carefully. On your music stand sits the most beautiful music that you have been able to compose.

Now what you hope for is someone to walk into the concert hall.  You are hoping for a musician who is so taken aback by your glimmer.  That this musician notices how well you have been kept, decides to pick you up, play a few notes, and sees that you are wonderfully tuned.  That it is not just looks with you. That the music score on the stand is so captivating. First fumbling over the notes at times but pleased with the character of the song, the musician is determined to practice and master the music. That this musician decides to come back every couple weeks. Then every week. Now it is every day, and you are the only instrument the musician plays.

The problem is while you are looking for love, you aren’t always confident. You aren’t always sure. You are convinced that in the orchestra of fantastical woodwinds, brass, drums, and strings that you are the triangle that no one wants to play. You sit idly as other instruments quickly find musicians. You try to think of your best qualities, and you hate your list. You realize you do not need to be tuned. You realize that you are basically indestructible unless you are heated and hammered on an anvil.  You find that you are not pretty, delicate, or handsome. You are a three sided polygon that plays “supper is ready.”  Your interior angles add up to one hundred eighty degrees.  Only people who have no musical talent play the triangle in the orchestra.

But you don’t give up because you know that you are in fact awesome. That someone out there will see the triangle and be so inspired. That the triangle is the only instrument they want to play. At first you won’t believe it because no one should want to play the triangle you think. But that perosn will come every couple weeks.  Then every week ever week.  Then every day.  That is the triangle of love.


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