Discount Advice on Dating

Sometimes my friends ask me for dating advice, and I have realized that I might not be the best at it.  This is mainly due to bias on my part that may not be in the interest of my friend.  Take the following conversation I had with my friend Ben that includes my own inner dialogue.

Discount Advice on Dating

Ben: You know how I value your opinion.  Do you think she is the kind of person for me to be in a relationship with?

Me: Does she still work at J. Crew?

Ben: Yeah.

Me: Does she still get that discount?

Ben: Yeah. Fifty percent.

Inner Thought: That is a good discount.

Ben: What does that have to do with anything?

Inner Thought: I really want a J. Crew pea coat, but one can be quite expensive.

Me: Ah, nothing.  I was just curious.  And you know what, I think you should give things with her another two weeks to see if that spark is there.”

Inner Thought: I should be able to make it out to J. Crew by then right?  But…it’s probably better to be on the safe side of things.

Me: Actually, you know what?  I’m just not sure if two weeks will be enough time to really give things a go.  A month would be better.

Inner Thought: That will be the perfect amount of time in case I need to return the pea coat for size, color, or style.”

Ben: Thanks for the great advice.  You’re always there for me.

Me: No worries.  Now listen, what I’m about to say might be crazy, but I think we both should surprise her at the store tomorrow when she’s working.


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