Where Exactly Did You Get Hurt?

Health insurance can cost an arm and a leg, but at least it ensures both your arm and your leg.  What I don’t get is how health insurance covers the whole entire human body except for teeth.  You have to get separate dental insurance.  I’m sure there are a variety of historical factors why things are this way.  But whatever they are, I’m sure they aren’t that compelling.

Buying Health Insurance

“So you’re here today to purchase a health insurance policy?”

“Yes, I’m not getting any younger and figure it’s the responsible thing to do.”

“Of course.  What level of coverage are you looking for then?”

“I guess basic coverage.”

“Basic coverage just gets you heart and brain.”

“Oh, is that what most people get?”

“Usually most people opt for the basic plus.”

“What’s included in the plus?”

“It encompasses all major organs.”

“So like lungs, liver and so on?”


“I feel like that sounds like a good option.”

“For most people it is.  But let me ask, what kind of work do you do?”

“I’m in construction.  I have my on contracting business.”

“Taking that into account, I would recommend you add the dominants option to your basic plus.”


“That covers your dominant arm and leg.”

“What if I’m ambidextrous?”

“Funny guy.  But seriously though that would cost extra to have all four limbs insured.  So are we all set for the basic plus with dominants option?”

“Yes sir.”

“Any other questions?”

“Just one out of curiosity.  What do you get with your most comprehensive plan?”

“That would be our Total Human Preservation plan.  It covers literally everything.”



“Hospital fees?”

“All of them.”


“I have to take that back then.  Literally everything except teeth.  You do have to get separate dental.”


3 thoughts on “Where Exactly Did You Get Hurt?

  1. Some dental situations are covered under major medical. If you got your teeth knocked out in a car crash, or you were the victim of a crime, it’s covered. Most people don’t have dental insurance though, and dentists not only give you a break on prices for paying out-of-pocket, but many offer an additional discount for paying in full the same day.

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