“Watch Kids React…” Video Craze Deemed as New Form of Child Labor

You have probably “watched kids react” on YouTube as they interact with old technology such as record players and rotary telephones.  However, what you may not know is that this formulaic comedy genre capitalizing on the innocence of children has caught the interest of human rights activists.  Many activists have come forth to decry the phenomena as a “deplorable method to amass an insane amount of views on YouTube.”  One video on YouTube by the user “Smash Moth” released a video which showed children playing “Sonic the Hedgehog” on a Sega Genesis.

In response to this video, Dr. Weissler of Harvard university, an international expert on human rights, said “This practice is akin to torture given the current gaming platforms that are available to children in 2015.”

In Weissler’s research, he found the “Watch Kids React” appeared to have first began in the 1960’s when NBC had a variety hour that featured one segment where a child reacted to a butter churn.

“With the Xbox One, Wii U and PS4 available, no child should be faced with playing a Sega Genesis for any reason, including formulaic comedy videos that rely solely upon the naiveté  of children rather than any actual comedy writing ability. I mean what would it be like to have a child react to having to write their homework on a slate slab in Sanskrit rather than type on their iPad? Yeah, sure it sounds funny, but that’s not the point.”

Labor experts are also beginning to question if the children are being appropriately compensated for their video appearances. Dr. Mitchell, a labor expert at UVA, reported, “Apparently not.  I investigated the ‘Sega’ video and found that one child only received a Lunchable, from which the candy had already been taken.  That same child has developed post-traumatic stress disorder and has recurring flash backs to excessively pixelated graphics.  He can’t even bring himself to play video games on present day platforms like the Xbox One. He reads more now, which I guess is a good thing. But what kind of kid reads in 2015. This is definitely not regular behavior.”

Smash Moth has produced over 45 “Watch Kids React” videos, garnering over 50 billion views.  This insane number of views makes them amongst the most popular videos on the internet.  Smash Moth was not available for comment because of a recent incident where a child became severely burned when interacting with a Ford Model T.  In this video, the child had to crank the radiator by hand but at the time of doing so, hot steam erupted for the engine compartment, scalding the child’s hands. While only second degree and expecting a full recovery without any lasting marks, the child currently cannot play video games and now reads more which probably is a good thing.  But again what kind of child doesn’t play video games?

Experts agree legislation needs to be put in place to safeguard children from the “Watch Kids React” video craze, denouncing it as “both derivative, opportunistic, and not fair to have to play a Sega when there’s the Xbox One.”