Can I Buy You a Sweater?

It is socially acceptable to offer to buy a woman that you do not know a drink at a bar.  But what about buying something of equal value for this same woman elsewhere?  Say you could be in line at a Redbox rental kiosk and decide to approach this woman and say, “Excuse me, but could I buy you a Redbox rental?  I’ll even splurge and get you that Blu-ray.  Just promise to return it within a day please.”  That’s weird right?  Here’s another weird scenario. Continue reading

Santa Gets All the Credit

santa gets all the creditTwo children, a boy and a girl, devour gift wrap with their hands as they unearth their presents from their papery prisons on Christmas Day.  Mother and father watch in awe at how quickly a process that takes time and care can be undone so savagely.

“Yes! I can’t believe I got the new video game console that is very expensive!”

The boy starts doing a dance.

“No way!  I got the tablet that is also very expensive!” Continue reading